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 TildaO's Application

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PostSubject: TildaO's Application   6/12/2009, 11:46

-What is your ingame nickname?
My nickname is TildaO

-What is your level ?

-What is your class and subclasses(if you have any) ?
I got on my main adventurer , sorc to farm and I will make an archer to but I didn't decide yet what archer saggi would be nice its the best class for mass pvp in my opinion

-How long have you been playing Lineage II ?
3-4 years

-Which clans have you been in?
TheOldRepublic , Tig3r , OpusDeroum and my own clan BlackAngels and few randoms

-Why did you leave your previous clan ?
I left tor couse I got laggs on thiers server (l2sublimity) Tig3r couse they left server (l2forever) , OpusDeroum couse the leader dissapear that clan and I dissapear my clan couse I don't wan't to lead it anymore

-How did you know about us ? (Via a friend, ingame, VE website, google ?)
I remember ve from l2dust

-Why do you want to join us?
Couse I see that you are an organized clan with good teamwork , I was a leader to and I know wich clans can be good or worse and you are using ventrilo and stuff so would be nice to play with ya

-About how many hours do you play per day ?
well 4-5h and weekends about 10h xd

-Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience (Baium, antharas, valakas, Zaken etc)? If yes, which ones?
ofc I was camping them with clans all days , all of them

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ?
Sweden is my location and my gmt is +1

-Do you think you have a good English level?
I don't have perfect english but it works if we say 0-10 I can vote 7

-Are you able to follow orders ?
of course

-Are you able to work in a team ?
this is surething that I do

-Do you have Ventrilo? If yes do you think you can be active in it?
I got ventrilo with working microphone everytime I am in game I will be in ventrilo no vent no clan as I said to my members xd

-Do you think you can be active in the forum & in our IRC channel?

I am forum warrior so thats not a problem and , I can be on irc also to

Extra Information :
My Buddy on l2renewal

Btw I saw that the recruitment are closed but I decide to try anyway couse I really wan'ts to play with ya

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PostSubject: Re: TildaO's Application   6/12/2009, 12:10

Gonna reply you once they fix our internet problem to be able to play, keep in touch.

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PostSubject: Re: TildaO's Application   8/12/2009, 10:15

-150158918592108192084312 from me , u know the reason already
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PostSubject: Re: TildaO's Application   17/12/2009, 07:10

Sorry for the delay, but sharinganguy was afk and we had to get some stuff straight to go ahead with the recruitement.
tbh having played in TOR is a -1 for me, as the only thing I remember from the 1 week we allied them was a clan full of retards, 90% of the clan are greeks that stick to a server for 1 year and do nothing but farm and their pvp skill was horrible I just remember 2/3 decent guys.

closing this one along with your friends apply
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PostSubject: Re: TildaO's Application   

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TildaO's Application
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