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PostSubject: VODAFONE   11/10/2009, 19:09

hi my name is vodafone and vulto so
(2nd shar)my main classe it's a shillen templar and my other classes
are destroyer,soultaker(necromancer),and archer (i have one cat so ) i
have been playing l2 since 4 years (i've played in original server of
l2.i was in hysteria clan ,fermers clan and,wolframandhart,i've lived
those clans because im searching a clan taht was a active clan iam in
this game to play not to stay in the midle of giran selling cp
potions...i kneew your clan by pot (player & friend ) and in-game
so .i've per day more or less 10 hours . in all server that i have
played i participated in all of rb (baium anthars aq zaken valakas
orfen core dvc rb etc...) im from portugal
ready to follow all the orders by cl because i know that he knows what
is the most greatfull to clan and to do this we have to work in team
.yes i have ventrilo my nick name it's vulto.if i enter in this clan i
will do the better to him gg cumps[[[[]]]]sharinganguy
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PostSubject: Re: VODAFONE   12/10/2009, 03:09

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PostSubject: Re: VODAFONE   12/10/2009, 03:26

Declined, topic closed!

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PostSubject: Re: VODAFONE   

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