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 PureAngel's application

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Number of posts : 1
Age : 24
Localisation : Belgium-Brussels
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Points : 4
Registration date : 2009-06-01

PostSubject: PureAngel's application   1/6/2009, 06:45

-What is your ingame nickname? PureAngel

-What is your level ? At the momment i'm 43 , minding i started just yesterday

-What is your class and subclasses(if you have any) ? My main class is Warcrier

-How long have you been playing Lineage II ? I've been playing lineage for 3 years, and most of my servers were high rates

-Which clans have you been in? I had some training near Evil Council ( the only clan i guess you know around here ). The rest clans are kinda unknown, minding i was playing in different servers than the clan did!

-Why did you leave your previous clan ? I've got no previous clan Razz I just had a pause-break of l2, and now i'm back Razz

-Why do you want to join us? Well, i've watched your clan in some videos, and i like you. The way you guys work together , is just amazing. That's what i loved Very Happy

-About how many hours do you play per day ? Well minding i'm a student, the hours depend on the day. Sometimes i play 2, and others i play 8. It's not stable

-Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience (Baium, antharas, valakas, Zaken etc)? If yes, which ones? Yep , i've raided Baium, antharas, zaken , Ant Queen many times. The exception is Valakas ( i've raided it twice )

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ? I'm from Belgium, GMT +1

-Do you think you have a good English level? Well as it seems i manage.

-Are you able to follow orders ? Yeah of course. If i can't follow orders , means i don't belong to a team-clan

-Are you able to work in a team ? Obviously

-Do you have Ventrilo? If yes do you think you can be active in it? I've got ventrilo, and i can be as active as i'm ingame

-Do you think you can be active in the forum & in our IRC channel? I've never used IRC, cuz i never needed, but i check forums daily

References to the clan , from my friend Armando

Last edited by PureAngel on 1/6/2009, 06:50; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Just a mistake)
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Number of posts : 144
Age : 26
Localisation : Greece-Thessaloniki
Reputation : 3
Points : 34
Registration date : 2007-10-23

PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   1/6/2009, 06:49

I've played many times with this guy. He's an experienced player, and also a good friend

He got my +1

Gl dude Very Happy
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Number of posts : 1133
Age : 29
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Points : 1169
Registration date : 2007-08-02

PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   1/6/2009, 15:17

look like a proper apply , and we really need wc. since we only got bixo and few others and he's the kind of AFKwc that just buff you and go fap while you'r pvping :p

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Number of posts : 15
Age : 35
Localisation : Cordoba - Argentina - always where the clan goes guys ;)
Reputation : 0
Points : 17
Registration date : 2009-05-14

PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   1/6/2009, 16:04

Seen wrote:
since we only got bixo and few others and he's the kind of AFKwc that just buff you and go fap while you'r pvping :p
Owned Razz

I think the same way Seen, we need more WC (actives Razz) plus he come with a recomendation (like i did, so take ur conclusions from there Razz)

I still dunno if mi vote count but is this...

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Number of posts : 202
Age : 24
Localisation : Albernoa/Portugal
Reputation : 2
Points : 196
Registration date : 2008-03-24

PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   1/6/2009, 16:23

HEY, I just needed to go sleep, coz in the other day i got school, zamel Seen -.-!!
Nvm, we need more wc's, I liked his apply, +1 from me Very Happy
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Number of posts : 974
Age : 34
Localisation : Internet
Reputation : -26
Points : 820
Registration date : 2007-07-29

PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   2/6/2009, 13:15

We cant answer you for the moment just wait few days till the server situation cool down.


VALORenforcers Leader.

P.S.: Back to duty!!!
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PostSubject: Re: PureAngel's application   

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PureAngel's application
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