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PostSubject: ChrisHansen   23/8/2007, 15:51

-What is your level ? 76 (waiting on 3rd class changer to get fixed, then grinding to 78 in a day)

-What is your class ? Sorcerer (Archmage after reason posted above)

-How long you were playing lineage2 ? Since Lineage 2 release.

-why you want to join us? Looking for a clan to PvP/Raid/Siege with, been playing on Titan and bored out of my mind clanless.

-How many hour you play per day ? 4-6 weekdays, 11+ weekends

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ? USA, umm not sure on the GMT, but on EST.

-do you think you have a good english level? Born and raised in the US of A, so yes.

-Are you able to follow orders ? Heh, old member of DaBears on old Kastien, we ran the server, so I know what I'm doing.

-Are you able to work in a team ? Same as posted above.

-Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak? if yes do you think you can be active in it? I have both, and whenever I'm on I'm on Vent/TS anyways, so yes.

-Do you think you can be active in that forum & in our IRC channel? Meh, I'll idle in mIRC, and post when I feel its necessary on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: ChrisHansen   24/8/2007, 08:04

EST should be GMT -5
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PostSubject: Re: ChrisHansen   25/8/2007, 06:51

PM me sharinganguy or seiriu ig. But before read the rules & approve them!


VALORenforcers Leader.

P.S.: Back to duty!!!
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PostSubject: Re: ChrisHansen   

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