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 An old player WTJ in L2X (Ethanol aka Ruslana)

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PostSubject: An old player WTJ in L2X (Ethanol aka Ruslana)   27/5/2009, 06:25

1) Nick - Ethanol (alt Ruslana, InAmorato) 23 years old.

2) lvl 0 (server hasn't started yet Smile )

3) Gonna be OL and I can take any sub that the clan needs (eg bish).

4) Been playing L2 about 4y, since about L2x was c2-c3

5) Back then I had my own clan Lituanica. Later played on low rate servers (BFDe,etc) with the Odium clan.

6) Well L2x was shut down by FBI.. And I left Odium - because of the studies and some other issues.

7) I want to join because I've seen how you play, and I like it. Moreover, an old friend of mine is in your clan - WingmanLT, we go way back Smile

Cool My L2 activity depends on studies and on my girl Razz usually I can spend up to 4h a day, sometimes more.

9) Epic raids: Baium.

10) I live in Lithuania, GMT+2 (3)

11) My English should be visible from this application form ^^ I have no language barriers when speaking through TS or Ventrillo.

12) I am a no-nonsense player, not an annoying selfish kid, so I can take orders very well. If the leader is sure of himself.

13) My priority is being in a team, I don't like to solo, that's why I choose your clan. Working in a team is my specialty, that's why I prefer playing support classes.

14) Yes I have Ventrilo. As for activity look at part 8 :p

15) I'll try to, though I don't know anyone except for WingmanLt :>
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PostSubject: Re: An old player WTJ in L2X (Ethanol aka Ruslana)   27/5/2009, 06:48

Hi there,
Welcome in our forum and thank you for posting, we'll keep your application on stand by till l2ex reopen so keep in touche.

- Belive in everyone, just don't belive in the devil inside them - VE member
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An old player WTJ in L2X (Ethanol aka Ruslana)
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