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 Clan rules

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PostSubject: Clan rules   31/7/2007, 10:51

IRC rules:

1. Being online is mandatory.
2. There will be no racist/sexist remarks of ANY kind.
3. There be no discussion on religion / politics.
4. Behave yourself or you will be removed.
5. Ban Evasion will have you shitlisted.

Ventrilo server rules:

1. Being online is mandatory.
2. Not having a mic is not an excuse. At least listen to instructions especially if there is a Raid/pvp/siege party.
3. Respect each other in the channels.
4. Spamming channels will automatically kick you from the server for a certain period of time.
5. If you are afk switch to the afk channel.

Forum rules:

InGame rules:

1. Always be active.

2. If you have problem or cant play for a certain period of time inform me or any subleader or post it in forum with the reason.

3. Subleaders have same power as the leader, they can kick you anytime they want, respect them same as the leader.

4. NEVER insult someone's parents ingame. We are in the game to have fun so leave parents out of it. Breaking that rule will result in an automatic kick without any discussion!

5. Follow orders. I don't give a lot of orders but when I give one i want it to be done.

6. When i call for a mass pvp leave your parties if you are in one & wait to be invited. I don't want to hear what you are doing for that moment all what i want is for you to be present & ready!

7. Being online for sieges is mandatory. If not possible inform me or any subleader & tell reason.

8. Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick from the clan!

Rules will be updated with time keep checking them from time to time. Thank you!


VALORenforcers Leader.

P.S.: Back to duty!!!
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Clan rules
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