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PostSubject: App   26/5/2009, 15:44

Hey guys, i'de like to go with u to l2x so here is my app Razz

-What is your ingame nickname?

-What is your class and subclasses ?
To be created ofc: Main:GH Subs:HE/Card or BD/SPH(probably)

-How long have you been playing Lineage II ?
Well, since old l2x, then i moved to L2Signs, L2Chronicles, and the last was Supremel2 (now AzureL2) nanaki 15x where o was hero for a couple of months Razz

-Which clans have you been in?
uS and Secrecy

-Why do you want to join us?
I know some of your players, i saw ur pvps and enjoyed them, a clan this old (in my opinion) has great advantages for pvp cuz if u know the people ur playing with and are used to them, things will be easier to execute

-About how many hours do you play per day ?
Right now, L2=0, waiting for extreme, after it, at least 3-4

-Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience (Baium, antharas, valakas, Zaken etc)? If yes, which ones?
All of them, more then once, i know the quests, tipe of partys, organization u need to each one of them

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ?

-Do you think you have a good English level?
Pretty good

-Are you able to follow orders ?
Yup i'll follow them, even if i dont agree,(
not saying ill be right) ill give my point for that when we are done, and talk to the person that gave the order, we can allways learn more and do better every time..

-Are you able to work in a team ?

-Do you have Ventrilo? If yes do you think you can be active in it?
Every day, sir

-Do you think you can be active in the forum & in our IRC channel?
"Every day, sir"

Kisses for Heallingforyou and Sharingan
I love you I love you
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PostSubject: Re: App   26/5/2009, 16:38

an experienced player, played with him the short time i've been playing in uS and he's a good guy , also know what he's doing.

+vouch for me
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PostSubject: Re: App   27/5/2009, 06:48

ur welcome m8

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PostSubject: Re: App   

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