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PostSubject: xD   4/10/2008, 18:11

hello all guys...sup?Wink
my lvl is :78
My favorite class :Archmage , 1st Sub: Cardinal 2nd Sub:H/E or SR depends the Client...
i play l2 about 4-5 years...
i have been play at DnD (fusion)and at many clans on C3 BnB and lately on randoms for fun xD...
actually i dont want to play with you guys Smile *
i play 4-6 hours per day and the weekends more.
well...i am from greece my GMT is plus 2.
about my English i got lower so? i can talk and understand the others and they can understand me...big deal..
I'm not be able to follow orders but i can do (at least to try) whatever you ask from me...!
i got the team spirit on me so i can follow at this...!
i have ventrilo only...!
I want be active on that forum as well.

*now i registered here to say a few things about all that i mean your site your clan your ally and all that...1st i dont wanna join you guys coz i will not play at l2majesty i play here for fun till my server open!2nd i wanna say a gratz to thosses guys which they create that clan and that site guys you are awesome!!!nice.i want to say that a few clans got that you create and the most of them are from official.i trully wish you GL to the server and keep rape em all! i believe on that clan coz they are the most organized i ever see in my life! gratz again!!! friendly Jamelia..
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PostSubject: Re: xD   5/10/2008, 07:11

oh so nice to read things like this from time to time, so we thanks you. about recrutement i will..just say..nothing Smile

- Belive in everyone, just don't belive in the devil inside them - VE member
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