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 I want in :D Application

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PostSubject: I want in :D Application   20/7/2008, 19:26

Hey guys hows it going im a 19 year old male from canada. i play virtually every day. uhm a little about my l2 past i suppose. i started in retail on erica server where i had a lvl 77 Saggitarius. i played there until c5 which i then played over at l2revenge. i've also played on titan server on l2 extreme. i love pvp, and i dont mind exp. my character in game is Tristen. a lvl 82 duelist, i notice u are not recruiting duelists so i'll mention that i can probly do more dmg then your archers. but if thats not enough i have a lvl 80 saggi sub and a lvl 80 TH sub i also havea lvl 77 SH for farming purposes. .. erm reason for joining. really i saw ur pvp videos and i saw u pvp aswell, very organised i like the way you rotate yours tanks hates etc. personally i think id be a great addition to your team and we can teach eachother things. anyways let me know. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: I want in :D Application   21/7/2008, 03:55

Full buffed and well buffed archers can 1-2 hit mages for your information (i know cuz i've done it), it's just hard to buff archers to that point and i haven't seen anyone do that in this server (except for us) and glady's are good in 1vs1 pvp and not that good on sieges, but that's that and since you've got a saggi sub then I see no reason why you couldn't join so wait for a response from THEeND, Sharin or Rasen

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PostSubject: Re: I want in :D Application   21/7/2008, 14:08

Thumbs up for that guy Smile
I like him, and the way he talks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I want in :D Application   22/7/2008, 04:06

Topic closed

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PostSubject: Re: I want in :D Application   

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I want in :D Application
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