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 Mia's Application

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PostSubject: Mia's Application   27/1/2008, 19:11

hello there
i'm mia .. mystic muse ^^ triple (M)
lvl 78
started sub class .. and in progress in noblesse quest
i have a friend in VE and its a very good clann that i like
and i wish to take part in
my english is medium .. can talk .. but weak in vocabulary Very Happy
i was in oxygen clann ...
i will download ventrilo and i wil try to be on it .. at siege ...
i am very active .. especially at night ...about 5 hours dailly
thats all i remember from the application questions ..
pm me in game plz when u read this
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PostSubject: Re: Mia's Application   28/1/2008, 06:05

mia wrote:

i was in oxygen clann ...

Hmm my evil mind smells spy
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PostSubject: Re: Mia's Application   28/1/2008, 06:21

Armando wrote:
mia wrote:

i was in oxygen clann ...

Hmm my evil mind smells spy

Even if they are spying on us they lack organization to cope up with our actions! Most of us are friends & the core members play together since very very long time (I was playing with sharin since 2years non stop) so we know how each one of us play something most of the other clans dont have.


VALORenforcers Leader.

P.S.: Back to duty!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Mia's Application   

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Mia's Application
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