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 Orangeboy's application

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PostSubject: Orangeboy's application   10/11/2007, 04:19

-What is your level ? I am 74 atm.

-What is your class ? Swordsinger

-How long you were playing lineage2 ? 2 years

-Wich clans have u been? I haven't been in any well known clan, cuz i started at L2x Reborn a bit late,so i was solo until it closed.

-why you want to join us? As i said above, i was playing solo for a long period of time. Now it think that it's high time to show my abilities.

-How many hour you play per day ? 4-5

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ?I am from Cyprus with GMT +2

-do you think you have a good english level? Yes, i speak english very well.

-Are you able to follow orders ? Yes, i do

-Are you able to work in a team ? Yes, i do

-Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak? if yes do you think you can be active in it? Until now i didn't need a microphone , so i don't have one, but i will buy one today or tommorow.

-Do you think you can be active in that forum & in our IRC channel? Yes, i can.
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Orangeboy's application
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