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PostSubject: chainer   17/10/2007, 19:20

-What is your level ? 77

-What is your class ? tow pjs

chainer: Silver Ranger, sub Sorcerer 72
XchainercilloX: Mystic Muse 78, Soultaker 77

-How long you were playing lineage2 ?
1,5 years

-Wich clans have u been?
Latinpowa, sicarios

-why you want to join us?
because u seem very organized and not asses like other clans

-How many hour you play per day ?
2 to 6 hrs depends

-What is your location and your GMT (country) ?
chile GMT -4

-do you think you have a good english level?
im pretty sure i do

-Are you able to follow orders ?
of course

-Are you able to work in a team ?
why ask, definitely

-Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak? if yes do you think you can be active in it?
no , but i can get it

-Do you think you can be active in that forum & in our IRC channel?

i prefer forum

PD: my former clanies have also applied, trastem, ecthelion, aidile, ctm, gossu
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PostSubject: Re: chainer   18/10/2007, 17:29

pm Sharingan or me THEeND.

PS : whats your main char, i mean the one u like to play with it?

- Belive in everyone, just don't belive in the devil inside them - VE member
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