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 TorriWilson's application

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PostSubject: TorriWilson's application   14/7/2010, 03:58

-What is your ingame nickname? TorriWilson/FakMadr
-What is your class and
subclasses(if you have any) ? Im doin my sub class atm almost finished i will make bishop/archer sub and another support sub if u guys really need it.

-How long have you been playing
Lineage II ? Smth like 5 years.
-Which clans have you been in?I've been in TheOldRepublic for 4 years in l2forever,osiris,sublimity,renewal after TOR left l2renewal i was in CommonSense.
-Why did you
leave your previous clan ? I didnt leave the clan broke,and we splitted.
-How did you know
about us ? (Via a friend,
ingame, VE website, google ?) I played with VE in L2 Osiris we were in the same ally.
do you want to join us? I like the gamestyle you guys got coz i remember what u could do in l2osiris and how we rolled every1.
-About how many hours do you play per
day ? I play as much as i can coz i gotta work.
-Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2
(Baium, antharas, valakas, Zaken etc)? If yes, which ones? Ive been on every raid as
Baium, antharas, valakas, Zaken etc.
is your location and your GMT (country) Bulgaria GMT +2
-Do you think you have
a good English level? Yes i do.
-Are you able to follow orders ? Yes, i am able to follow orders

you able to work in a team ? Yes i do i cant work good w/o a team
-Do you have Ventrilo? If yes do
you think you can be active
in it? I love to talk in vent im always in does not matter if im ingame or if im afk.

-Do you have a working mic ? Yes, i have a working microphone
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PostSubject: Re: TorriWilson's application   14/7/2010, 04:42

I remember FakMadr the hero wc on osiris, you were good, but your chars were stacked from a 1 year server, so I don't know what to think about it.
How good are you with a bishop? hows your subclass doing? when are you getting it? we might need some archers.
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Number of posts : 2
Age : 28
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Registration date : 2010-07-14

PostSubject: Re: TorriWilson's application   14/7/2010, 05:05

I just need Golkonda and my sub is done today, I think im good on bishop u can ask popy about that
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PostSubject: Re: TorriWilson's application   

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TorriWilson's application
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